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An Advertising Search and Display Platform

A classified search and display platform drives traffic to a publisher’s website and increases advertising sales. The flexible architecture helps a publisher to organize ad content intuitively encouraging consumers to come back time after time—increasing web traffic, click through rates and ad revenue. Bundled with iPublish Classified this white label application runs as either an iFrame on the publisher’s website or as a co-branded website.

Responsive Design

The iPublish Media e-commerce platform was upgraded with responsive design technology in 2014. Buyers and sellers can place or browse any type of ad, using any device from anywhere.


iPublish Media architected a natural language search engine into iPublish Marketplace. This enables a buyer to browse marketplace using any device and not be confined to the data structure of the system. If a word or phrase appears in any listing in the system and they search on that word it will be returned to the buyer. Marketplace contributes to the intuitive advertising experience of our self-service solutions increasing the odds of a memorable experience increasing traffic on the site resulting in higher ad revenue.

Social Networking

Taking advantage of the power of social media iPublish Marketplace fully integrates with all of the leading applications like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

3rd Party Imports

iPublish Media has always taken an enterprise approach with its solutions. For iPublish Marketplace this includes importing data from other 3rd party databases. Our solution takes feeds from multiple sources indexing all of the content into one search database. White label a community publisher can position this enterprise capability as the driver behind increased traffic which results in higher ad revenue.

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