What if your customers didn’t have to choose between a print, digital or social media campaign?

Built for Performance

Under the hood

Adobe InDesign Server® and a Rich Media Server, developed by iPublish, are what give our publishing engine the unsurpassed power and performance capabilities required to automate the building of professional-quality print and digital advertising media. InDesign Server® manages print and static digital media templates of all shapes and sizes regardless of the product or platform. iPublish Rich Media Server manages an equally impressive range of HTML5 templates of both animated and static varieties.

iPublish Media Publishing Platform comprised of InDesign Server and Rich Media Server.

Our most versatile AdPortal

Whether you’re selling obituaries to funeral homes or full page display ads to real estate brokers, iPublish AdPortal is up to the task. With a unique URL and custom branding tailored to the relevant audience, AdPortal markets and manages the widest range of packages you want to offer. You no longer have to sacrifice traditional media when selling digital and social media campaigns. AdPortal lets you sell any combination of print, digital and social media, or all three, in a single workflow with a single transaction. If that isn’t enough, iPublish AdPortal integrates seamlessly to most front-end advertising and pagination systems, credit card merchants, Google’s DFP for O&O, Facebook and the major DSP’s for programmatic.

iPublish AdPortal - the customer facing portion of the product, supports custom-branded verticals for SMB, Obits, Celebrations, Real Estate, Autos and Public Notices

In a class of its own

When it comes to organizing, categorizing and managing the hundreds of classified classifications you currently have in your arsenal, iPublish Classified is in a class of its own. And it isn’t limited to print liners. Nope, iPublish Classified effortlessly produces and sells liners, semi-display liners for print as well as digital display listings and Facebook campaigns for any and every classification you offer. It is easy to use and can grow your print lineage an average of 15% and increase free to paid conversions by 20% or more. And it’s packed with a variety of ways to offer print, digital and social media upsells.

iPublish Classified graphic with unlimited liners/semi-display categories like: General Merchandise, Pets, Real Estate, Autos and Recruitment

A place to market

One of the biggest benefits our marketplace offers is that it organizes and indexes content from multiple sources and makes it searchable. From announcements to general merchandise, public notices to transportation and everything in between, iPublish Marketplace increases page views, click-through rates and ad revenue.  Better yet, it’s bundled with iPublish Classified. Visitors to the site will find the items their interested in either by selecting  a category and scrolling through the various types of items being sold, or by using the advanced search engine to find it directly. Marketplace is also integrated with the leading social media applications including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

iPublish Marketplace

Simplicity and Performance at its Best

iPublish AdPorta Product Suite

Finally, a self serve newspaper advertising platform that is easy to use and provides the performance and versatility to create and sell any print, digital or social advertising campaign, for any product or platform, 24/7/365. Any Ad, Anywhere, Anytime.