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AdPortal Obituaries is now integrated with the Memoriams’ newspaper network

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AdPortal Obituaries is a self serve newspaper obituary software platform. And, it is licensed by hundreds of community publishers offering print, digital and Facebook-targeted obituaries to funeral homes and private parties. That’s why publishers use it as their front-end for 100% of their print, digital and social obits, and benefit from higher revenue and lower operational costs.

Obituaries at a Crossroads

A white paper authored by Kim Safran titled “Obituaries at a Crossroads” has recently garnered quite a bit of attention and press in the industry. As a result, Editor & Publisher hosted a recent webinar as part of their sponsored webinar series, E&P Reports. The resources below explore 4 major population trends and 6 concrete, actionable steps publishers can take to prepare and respond to the changing landscape of obituaries.

“There is no doubt that iPublish Media and seem to be always focusing their energy on providing insight and support for what’s good for the industry as a whole, above their own personal profits, which is so very rare it today’s challenging business environment. In this way, they share the essential information they gather not just with their own customers, but with every publisher who can benefit from it. iPublish Media and together have truly become the thought leaders of the news publishing industry. “—Mike Blinder, Publisher, E&P Magazine

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Cover page to Obituaries at a Crossroads a position paper written by Kim Safran

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“The obituary market is at a crossroads. For instance, an aging population will cause death rates to soar for the next decade. Likewise, their obituaries will target a transient audience and will be placed by a digital-centric generation with a growing preference for cremation and private-party placement.

Newspapers can either prepare their obituary offerings for these new trends and experience massive growth, or they can ignore the shifting market and face continued erosion of what many consider their most vital section and the heart of their community content.

That is why iPublish Media Solutions has automated obituary placement for hundreds of newspapers for more than a decade, as the number one intake system in the USA. Here is a list of what we think are fundamental shifts that will transform tomorrow’s obituary marketplace, and how to capitalize on these trends.” Read more.

Revenue Generating Add-Ons for Obituaries

AdPortal Targeted Obits on devices

AdPortal Targeted Obituaries

Providing families an easy, convenient way to extend and focus their reach with the message of their loved-one’s passing using Facebook. This results in a proven way to offer customized reach they need.

  • Traditional Facebook posts only reach an average 10% to 40% of friends*
  • Extends a focused reach to people you may not know but your loved one may have
  • Allows targeting by city, interests, memberships, affiliations, schools and employers
  • Reaches digital-only, digital-first audiences
  • Targeting options can be customized individually

AdPortal Tributes

Create and upsell special sections for obituaries seamlessly using content that has been previously stored in the AdPortal Obituaries platform. Tributes are available to non-AdPortal customers as well (see’s press release about AdPortal Tributes). More importantly, Tributes can publish monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually to generate substantial incremental revenue. Lastly, AdPortal Tributes paginates each market’s special obituaries section as a print-ready multi page PDF or native Adobe InDesign file.

AdPortal Tributes in broadsheet or tab layouts
AdPortal Targeted Obits on devices

Memorial Trees

Introducing “Memorial Trees”—a new feature of our #1 self-service and call-center software, AdPortal Obituaries. Memorial Trees are offered to families and funeral homes seamlessly during the obituary placement process. Making the Memorial Trees program a worthwhile cause marketing opportunity for newspapers. Because, every tree planted is tied directly to each obituary placed. In addition, the new iPublish offering compliments Legacy’s existing memorial trees gift program, giving partners a chance to receive a second memorial tree revenue stream.

Why Participate?
Families take comfort that their obituary purchase is bundled with a tangible, living legacy for their loved one. Additionally, Memorial Trees help the environment and enhance your brand’s environmental impact. It is a cause everyone can get behind.

User experience workflow for AdPortal Obits

Customer Feedback

AdPortal Obituaries is live in 18 of our markets. BH Media has a very good relationship with iPublish. The team is always very very easy to deal with which gives us a comfort level in their ability to support the launch of new products. I enjoy working with the entire iPublish team. They are always so accommodating.

Terry Hall, BH Media Group

People creating obituaries with this easy format add more pictures, the obituaries are longer, they add more elements, they get carried away with the experience, and they spend more. This year we are on target to exceed revenue because of the user experience.

Sally Steed, Deseret Media