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AdPortal Public Notices

Automation that makes public notices easier for everyone.

Your Content. Your Relationships. Your Public Notices.

Join dozens of publishers who have converted to self-serve public notice order-entry and publication with a world class user experience, fully automated affidavits, support for bulk uploading and the highest  margins in the industry.

Why AdPortal Public Notices is publisher’s first choice


World class user experience keeps customers happy

Nearly two decades of optimizing custom self-serve order entry has been applied to automating public notices. Now anyone can place an order, whether a call center or the county.

Support for bulk uploads makes it faster

Need to enter 50 orders quickly? No problem. Bulk uploading is built in to the software.


Completely automated affidavits makes it easy

AdPortal uses the most advanced technology that seamlessly automates every aspect, including notarization.

AdPortal uses the most advanced technology that seamlessly automates every aspect, including notarization.


Customer relationship management illustration

Publishers maintain the customer relationships

Don’t lose sleep over third party software taking ownership of customers. AdPortal is fully white-labeled and customized so your franchise stays  in-house.

Flat-fee pricing yields higher margins

Unlimited public notices for one monthly fee. Publishers keep more of the revenue because they never pay more no matter the volume of orders.

Self-serve makes it easy without sacrificing quality or control

  • Unlimited public notice classifications
  • Protect any classification for business or internal use
  • Enterprise-level call centers or single market
  • Interfaces with most advertising, billing, pagination systems
  • Pre-configured templates include all required legal jargon
  • WYSIWYG editor with advanced typographical controls
  • ‘Paste from Word’ maintains preformatted text
  • Accepts customized affidavit templates

Complete Automation of Affidavits

Our built-in  Affidavit manager not only tracks and executes insertions requirement according to city, county and state municipalities it also automates notarization and includes bulk uploads.

One of the nicest features of AdPortal Public Notices is its built-in ability to manage affidavit processing. With each public notice type having differing insertion requirements according to county, city and even state municipalities, AdPortal Public Notices takes the guesswork out of knowing which notice types require an affidavit and when. AdPortal’s intuitive interface simplifies and manages processing affidavits with ease.

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