This is a clarification of this press release from Miles 33 by Wave2 Media Solutions LLC the US based company.

As you may know, Wave2 Media Solutions was originally started in the UK under the corporate name Wave2 Media Solutions Ltd. The US operation was incorporated in October, 2006 under the name Wave2 Media Solutions LLC. Wave2 Media Solutions LLC is the company that has become the leader provider of self-service solutions in the US market. Outside of sharing a similar name and some initial and ongoing technology cross licensing, the two companies are completely separate operations.

The press release that came out from Miles 33 is announcing the acquisition of Wave2 Media Solutions Ltd., not Wave2 Media Solutions LLC – the US company. This announcement will in no way have any effect on our relationship with our over 300 US and Canadian newspapers who are currently using Wave2 nor will it affect the level of support and continued product development we plan for the future.

For more information pertaining to this you may reach out to Brian Gorman, VP of Sales, Wave2 Media Solutions LLC; Thank you.