Designing and proofing ads, making all the changes and going through the approval process is a time-consuming and often frustrating task.

Challenge of Ad Production

So what is the real cost? We surveyed several newspapers, and on average, building an ad from scratch takes anywhere from 1 hour at the low side to 2.35 hours, including proofs and changes. At $15 an hour that is $15 to $45 per ad, a reason so many companies have outsourced production overseas, a solution with which no one is very happy.

Multiply that by the need to produce several versions of the ad for print, digital, mobile, Facebook and email, and the true cost of the creative for each multi-media campaign is much higher. Some media companies have tried charging for ad design, but customers have grown accustomed to free design over the long history of newspapers, and pressure from competitors like Facebook with a “boosted post” model.

multi channel ad production

And what is the small business owner thinking? What challenges do they face?

For a small business who wants to create visually appealing ad campaigns on their own, the cost is even higher. Without the efficiencies of a newspaper, a business can pay anywhere from $25 to $150 per hour for a graphic designer to create some sample ads, a slow process that takes days.

Simplified Ad Production

There is a better way. Imagine unlimited spec ads for print, digital, mobile and social using artwork pulled directly from the customers’ website.

A new technology from iPublish Media Solutions creates a full suite of ads with a few clicks of the mouse. Print, digital, mobile and social – a complete 360 spec ad package in minutes – ready for approval!

adportal smb

How does the tool work? First, the user enters the name of the business and selects from a variety templates. Then the tools pulls text and images from the business´s own Google business page into the template. It takes a few seconds to have a multi-media campaign created with no designers involved.

It is easy and intuitive to change colors, calls to action and images if necessary.

Best of all, the tool is DIY, so even any small business can use the tools on their own.

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