Newspapers have a new way to sell recruitment ads and reach passive job seekers as a result of a recent partnership between Recruitology and iPublish Media Solutions. The solution has already been rolled out successfully with several media companies by Recruitology,  including Tribune Publishing Company, owners of The Chicago Tribune.

“It is very difficult to reach passive job seekers, especially when the job market is as tight as it is now,” said Roberto Angulo, CEO of Recruitology, a leading recruitment platform that partners with over 400 media companies.

Some job positions, ranging from nursing to line cooks, are harder to fill, hence an increasing interest from businesses to reach passive candidates—people who are already employed, but who may be willing to change jobs given the right opportunity.

Recruitology turned to iPublish Media Solutions, the leader in self-serve advertising software, to collaborate on a technology that allows a seamless upsell for recruiters to reach passive candidates via Facebook.

“Facebook is a great way to reach passive candidates,” said Malcolm McGrory, SVP of Sales for iPublish Media Solutions. “One-fourth of Facebook users are open to new positions. Our technology works behind the scenes to make this upsell completely seamless.”

Here is how it works:

The media partner recommends to an employer that they reach passive candidates. Once the employer gives the go-ahead, businesses choose MaxRecruit™— a programmatic ad solution providing access to top job sites— when posting their ads on Recruitology’s platform. The job posting is converted to a Facebook ad that targets passive candidates with the right profile in the relevant geographic area.

“Hundreds of top media companies accept job applications via our network, so we use artificial intelligence and data insight to better target jobs to candidates,” Angulo said. The iPublish Media Solutions platform helps us leverage Facebook’s audience technology to match jobs with the most relevant candidates.

“The platform allows both ads, reaching active job seekers and passive candidates, to be placed simultaneously by an inside sales rep without switching screens. It’s extremely efficient,” McGrory said.

Advertising to passive job candidates is now operational at companies like Tribune Publishing and continues to be rolled out to new media partners going forward.

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