E&P Webinar: Trends behind the surging demand for DIY/consumer-placed obituaries

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This “E&P Reports” sponsored webinar that will reveal the demographic trends behind consumer demand for self-service obituary placement. On this 60-minute broadcast, you’ll learn how private-party networks like Legacy’s support the entire news publishing industry by:

  • Delivering new turn-key, direct-from-consumer revenue.
  • Increasing content by reducing order friction for digital-first Millennials.
  • Providing point-of-purchase exposure to long-distance families, who are easily placing multi-paper obituaries outside of the deceased’s hometown.
  • Extending budget-strapped community newspaper resources with free, 24/7 access to online intake and expanded customer service.

Panelists include Brian Walsh, Senior Director of Classified Advertising for Lee Enterprises, Dan Bodde, Chief Revenue Officer for Legacy.com, and Ernie Roth, General Manager of Channel Partners for Legacy.com. Moderated by Mike Blinder, Publisher of E&P Magazine.