Software Update Notice

We continuously strive to improve our products and user experience based on industry and customer feedback. We will be updating all iPublish Adportals with a new and improved ad placement flow during the month of January. You will notice during the ad/obituary purchase that the individual proof page is now replaced with a combined proof and schedule page.

iPublish Media Schedule Page


This helps to reduce the number of steps that a user takes during ad placement and still keeps the desired proofing functionality. And don’t worry, you are still able to download a preview/PDF of your ad/obituary – a very popular feature.

  • To see the proof of your ad/obituary, simply click on the “Show Preview” button and your proof appears.
  • If you would like to download the PDF, simply click on the “Preview Your Ad” link, this will open a new window and you can save the PDF to your desired location just like before.
  • If you need to make an edit to your ad/obituary, simply click the “Back” button and you will go back to the previous step to modify copy and/or graphics.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your project manager or email us at We look forward to working with you in 2022.