AdPortal Targeted Obituaries

Providing families an easy, convenient way to extend and focus their reach with the message of their loved-one’s passing using Facebook

Offer an extended, customized reach your community needs when announcing a loved one’s passing

AdPortal Targeted Obits gives families access to some of Facebook’s key demographic and interest-based targeting options that allow them to reach beyond their loved-one’s contact list and address book with the message of their passing.

  • Traditional Facebook posts only reach an average 10% to 40% of friends*
  • Extends a focused reach to people you may not know but your loved one may have
  • Allows targeting by city, interests, memberships, affiliations, schools and employers
  • Reaches digital-only, digital-first audiences
  • Targeting options can be customized individually


Case Studies

UMG Case Study card

Media: Utah Media Group

Key Executive: Sally Steed, Senior Vice President of Advertising

Initiative: Targeted Facebook Obituaries from iPublish Media

“The user experience of the person in the call center answering the phone, the funeral homes placing notices for families, and the experience of families and readers all had to meet the highest standards. We ask ourselves every single day, how can we improve these experiences?”—Sally Steed

Chicago Sun-Times case study card

Media: Chicago Sun-Times

Key Executive: Mary Hoffman, Director of Classifieds

Initiative: Targeted Facebook Obituaries from iPublish Media

Mary understood the need for continued innovation and investment in key franchises like obituaries—but only if they provided genuine value to the family and the funeral homes especially since 90% of the ads were placed through funeral homes who needed better ways to serve families afflicted by the pandemic.

Who’s offering targeted Facebook Obits?

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Features and Benefits

Anatomy of a targeted obituary newsfeed ad

Facebook Targeting Options

According to Facebook, traditional posts only reach an average of 10% t0 40% of friends. Customized targeting options extends the distribution of an obituary farther than a post and reaches many people likely to know the deceased, that may not be friended on Facebook or reached through a traditional post.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We are so thankful for the opportunity to communicate the passing of our Mother with extended family and friends through the added Facebook option during this difficult time in the world where we cannot all be together.”

The Cummins Family, (Private Party)

“The Johnson family was happy when they found out the Chicago Sun-Times would be incorporating a Facebook post with their obituary. This allowed them to reach friends of their mother who did not live locally.”

The Johnson Family, (Leak and Sons Funeral Home)

“The Perez family was touched by how many extended family and friends reached out and sent their condolences due to the online addition of Facebook for obituaries. This was a nice surprise for them during the pandemic and this difficult time.”

The Perez Family, (Lawn Funeral Home)

“The Siwe family was touched after they received so many kind messages from friends of their mother who they had never met before on Facebook. Receiving these loving messages helped with their loss.”

The Siwe Family, (Matz Funeral Home)

“Families were thankful this was being shared as many of their loved ones were prominent members of the community and this provided friends a way to send their regards who may have lost touch over the years.”

Thornridge Funeral Home

Targeted Obituaries Resources

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