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A Special Section for Obituaries

Create, and up sell special sections for obituaries seamlessly using content that has been previously stored in the AdPortal Obituaries platform. Available to non-AdPortal customers as well (see’s press release about AdPortal Tributes). Publish monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually to generate substantial incremental revenue. For a nominal fee the family receives a memorial tribute listing in the multi-page insert of the newspaper. AdPortal Tributes paginates each market’s special obituaries section as a print-ready multi page PDF or native Adobe InDesign file.

What they’re saying…

Of the very positive feedback we’ve received from our local markets on all our product improvements, AdPortal Obituaries ranks “most popular” thing we’ve done with Funeral Homes and The Tributes Section is most popular with our readers. When the Tributes sections comes out, it is amazing how much feedback we get from the local market.

Bob Birkentall, Gatehouse Media

We have a good relationship with iPublish which gave us a comfort level in their ability to support the launch of Tributes in our markets.

Terry Hall, BH Media Group

Hi, I REALLY like the magazine obits in Sunday’s paper. I hope you keep doing this ever three months. I missed some obits and I was happy to see them so I could send my regards to the families. Thank you.

Dorothy L. Leslie, West Springfield, Massachusetts

The Tributes product was well received by funeral directors and families. I didn’t have to be an iPublish Media customer to activate Tributes; I just called my Legacy representative.

Jason Hegna, Shaw Media

Tributes memorial sections are highly profitable with margins as high as 80%. No marketing, sales or up font development costs, paper cost and fee to iPublish are the only costs.

Bob Birkentall, Gatehouse Media

There was no development on our part and the only expenses we incurred other than newsprint was a wholesale fee associated with each Tribute.

Terry Hall, BH Media Group

What they’re doing…

Below are just a few examples of what markets are doing with tributes. Click on the titles below view their latest tributes section

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iPublish Media Solutions

Terry Hall

Terry Hall

Digital Director

BH Media Group

Bob Birkentall

Bob Birkentall

Director of Online Verticals

Gatehouse Media

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