Work-from-home tips for making the new norm less painful and more successful

Working remotely in the emerging work-from-home environment means fewer in-person interactions and requires more online “Do it Yourself” (DIY) services. So, automation and remote work options are essential now more than ever.

Here are four work-from-home tips for making the new norm a success and the transition less painful:

  1. Use video-enabled conference call platforms.  Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting and are easy to use and effective in screen sharing. While we know local means teams typically work in person, online calls that share documents and where you can see each other’s reactions are equally effective.
  2. Share video meeting tools with your partners, too. Since you are not the only one facing a crisis, work with partners and advertisers by meeting remotely. A virtual live meeting to discuss an automated solution is a win/win for all concerned.
  3. Continue to build out DIY / BIY (buy it yourself) services. Offer online transactions that are not dependent on in-person interactions. A cloud-based self-service system is needed now more than ever to allow businesses large and small to buy online without in-person meetings and pivot when they are ready. The optimum platform enables both inside and outside sales teams to work from home and easily place, amend orders, and build their own spec ads. Equally important, it allows advertisers and private-parties to self-serve and buy advertising themselves. Ad automation is a win/win for advertisers and sales teams alike.
  4. Catch up on important “to-dos”. Now is a good time to get things finished in the quiet environment of working from home. Time in the workday is saved from not needing to commute to work and/or appointments, and other work-related travel. Why not use this time to super-focus and leap ahead in prospecting, engaging with your current customers, and gaining momentum on company projects?

Be safe, let us know what you need!

iPublish Media Solutions provides a suite of DIY/BIY tools that allow advertisers, salespeople, and sales operations departments to easily work remotely. iPublish Media is the industry leader in self-service advertising with over a billion dollars in print, digital and social advertising sales processed for our media partners over the last 13 years.