Revenue Now, Not Later is the theme of Local Media Consortium Fall 2018 meetings this week in Dallas.  The team at iPublish Media Solutions will help you make Revenue Now, Not Later a reality for local publishers.  Catch Malcolm McGrory and James Allen in Dallas this week to learn about 3 proven ways to grow revenue and reduce operating costs –  some with little or no upfront costs.

iPublish Media has a unique Adportal that allows media to custom brand the product for their relevant audience. You no longer have to sacrifice traditional media when selling digital and social media campaigns. AdPortal lets you sell any combination of print, digital and social media, or all three, in a single workflow with a single transaction. If that isn’t enough, iPublish AdPortal integrates seamlessly to most front-end advertising and pagination systems, credit card merchants, Google’s DFP for O&O, Facebook and the major DSP’s for programmatic.

iPublish Media Product Suite

Learn more how iPublish Media’s AdPortal works and how we can help generate Revenue Now, Not Later. Look for us in Dallas or contact us today.