Close that Sale with Unlimited Low-Cost Spec Ads Included in Every Proposal, Every Time!

Sales managers have argued for years that taking spec ads to clients in the field results in more second appointments and additional closings. Some even set “spec ad goals” for reps.

It’s a hot topic for every type of agency faced with pitching new business. National ad agencies spend thousands on presentations “on spec” hoping clients select them. As newspapers transform themselves into local and regional agencies – they need to showcase specific agency skills – including messaging, design and audience expertise. Ad production can be both pricey and time-consuming.

That Was Then

First, a little history on the local spec ad: for most local media reps in the field, a typical sale was a two-call close. The first call established the client needs, and the second call to present a spec ad, a schedule, and close the deal.

In reality the spec ad was part of a value exchange, the free graphics in return for a second meeting.

Here are a few tried and true pieces of the former spec ad wisdom:

  • Look for advertisers running elsewhere, who are likely to have known advertising budgets.
  • Find terrible ads, and build “redos” that have better use of color, image, hierarchy and messaging.
  • Avoid agency accounts, where advertisers already have professional graphic design.
  • Set the appointment to “bring a spec ad” on the first call.
  • Gather the assets (business cards, menus, hand-outs, and logos).

This Is Now

Today creative automation is radically transforming this use of spec ads. On iPublish Media’s automated SMB platform, graphics and content are pulled in from the client’s own website and Facebook pages. The entire process takes a minute or two at most and you can showcase quality print and digital ads.

What does this mean for the sales process? The ramifications are revolutionary.

  • Automation eliminates not only the time and cost of creating spec ads, but also the requirement to “gather the assets.”
  • There is no need to go after only the largest advertisers. Small advertisers can also be courted.
  • Internal staff (with little to no design skill) can help build and email spec ads at scale.
  • Redos of terrible ads are a snap, as long as a client has a website.
  • Best of all, SMBs can engage in the process, building or editing spec ads sent by email in minutes.

Sound unrealistic? Consider this: 91% of all SMBs already buy DIY services and 64% only use DIY marketing services. Yes, that is right, they never talk to a sales rep, or an agency when building and buying marketing services.

Let us know how we can help your business succeed in the SMB marketplace.