Public Notices

Automation that makes public notices easier for everyone.

Self-Serve Newspaper Public Notice Software

AdPortal Public Notices is a self-serve newspaper public notice software platform designed to lower operational costs while increasing profitable revenue. Publishers adopt our self-serve newspaper public notice software platform to increase production efficiencies. Strategically it protects the category and makes the process easier and faster. It is used internally by a newspaper’s staff and self serve by government advertisers.

Key Benefits and Features


  • Enable legal institutions to self serve
  • Increases process efficiencies
  • Provides a single end-to-end platform for every public notice classification and affidavits
  • Provides automated feeds to third-party state or regional public notice listing services
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Simplifies process workflow with an easy-to-use application
  • Interfaces with advertising, billing, and pagination systems


  • New and improved automated affidavit workflow
  • Manages unlimited public notice classifications
  • Classifications are configurable for legal institution use only, internal use only, and/or public use
  • Templates can be pre-configured with required legal jargon to simplify and streamline the submission process
  • Advanced typographical controls in WYSIWYG editor
  • Paste from Word maintains pre-formatted text
  • Accepts customized affidavit templates

Built in Affidavit Management

One of the nicest features of AdPortal Public Notices is its built-in ability to manage affidavit processing. With each public notice type having differing insertion requirements according to county, city and even state municipalities, AdPortal Public Notices takes the guesswork out of knowing which notice types require an affidavit and when. AdPortal’s intuitive interface simplifies and manages processing affidavits with ease.

affidavit inventory on computer

Anatomy of an Affidavit

Anatomy of an Affidavit