Over the past decade, newspapers have asked for all kinds of new features in their self-serve AdPortal®, and we answered by continuously iterating our advertising platform to meet these priorities. Here are a few of your top concerns that are now standard features in iPublish AdPortal®:

Leverage the call center

Not only do customers now place DIY orders for any newspaper, any time, 24/7, 365 days a year, but publishers also empower regional or national call centers to handle almost any order anywhere in the country using the same state-of-the-art platform behind the scenes, freeing up staff for outbound sales.

Own customer relationships

iPublish AdPortal® is always white-labeled and custom designed to match the publisher’s brand, and the customer interfaces only with the publisher’s AdPortal®. All account information remains the property of the publisher and can be accessed on demand for follow-up marketing campaigns.

Stay competitive with digital options

Advertisers want to buy a variety of channels, but find it difficult to design, schedule, and place on all of them. iPublish AdPortals® have full integrations with platforms that are most in-demand, and automates these multi-channel packages including print and digital display, social, programmatic, video, and even Waze and search.

Eliminate steps in the workflow

Cost savings are a fact of life for newspapers. AdPortal® eliminates 5 to 10 “hands-on” steps in the process, freeing up manpower for outbound sales and higher revenue needs.

Customize packages to local needs

Local markets are astoundingly different in what types of marketing they want to buy, which categories are strongest, and what pricing works best. Vertical AdPortals® are configurable out of the box; so any local market can customize package offerings and pricing.

Reclaim lost revenue

Lost or partially lost franchises such as real estate and small business are returning to news media and print when the right options are offered, and purchasing is both local and easy.

Amazonify the user-experience

Advertisers and private parties expect the same world-class experience they get when they buy other things online; iPublish AdPortal® gives it to them.

Defend and grow strongest franchises

Obituaries and public notices are typically stable bases of revenues for most publishers; however, both are subject to ongoing threats from a variety of competitors. To hold and even grow revenue in these verticals, publishers must continue to adapt with technologies that make it easy, accessible and reliable for their advertisers to do business with them. iPublish AdPortal® is critical to defend and build these into the future.

For more information on deploying iPublish AdPortal® in your market visit our website or email us at sales@ipublishmedia.com.