Some media customers are surprised to learn that the AdPortal vertical that is the top revenue producer right after Obituaries, is Real Estate. They still think of real estate as a declining classifieds category with the large remaining buys coming from new home builders.

But other local media have turned that story on its head. By implementing AdPortal Real Estate, they now sell modern product combinations that agents and brokers love.

The software provides the same self-serve order entry, with 360 automated workflow and a enterprise level implementation for brokers. Best of all, results for advertisers are fantastic. Real estate sales reps get-in the door more often, and have more time for higher level sales.

Watch the video on how AdPortal Real Estate changes the game.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about iPublish Media Solutions. Today, we are introducing you to our AdPortal Real Estate platform … a powerful automated advertising solution strengthened with a proven strategy to sell more advertising to brokers and agents.

Since 2006, we have helped media companies increase revenue and decrease operational costs. Using our easily intuitive self-service and call center solutions, our partners have generated more than a $1 billion dollars in print, digital, and social media advertising. As a result, they continue to grow with us thanks to the value and return on investment we provide. Evidence of this success is highlighted by a renewal rate exceeding 95% year over year with our nearly 700 e-commerce sites. Simply put, we deliver the experience and track record you can trust.

iPublish Media’s product suite includes AdPortal, Classifieds, and Marketplace.

AdPortal is a display ad platform branded vertically for Obituaries, Real Estate, Automotive, Public Notices, Small Business Retail and more. Adobe InDesign Server and a Rich Media Server developed by iPublish ties them together. This gives our publishing engine the unsurpassed power and performance required to automate the building of professional-quality print, digital and social media advertising.

Our platform empowers our media partners with enterprise-class level, self-service advertising solutions. We are integrated with nearly every newspaper front-end advertising and billing system, credit card processor, as well as with Facebook and major ad-serving platforms: Google Ad Manager, The Trade Desk, and Centro.

The AdPortal Real Estate Platform pulls in MLS data from local MLS feeds — in addition to those from Transparansee and ListHub — to reverse publish print, digital, video, and social media ads for your real estate partners. Agents love it and renew at a fifty-percent rate.

You can even organize and paginate a full page of open house ads or broker-sponsored pages in minutes. The ads practically build themselves. Automated performance reporting and reminders to continue advertising make AdPortal Real Estate a win-win for both customers and your media company.

Partners like the Bay Area News Group have doubled revenues yearly, building new relationships and selling an average of three or more advertising products with each sale.

Bay Area News Group Director of Real Estate Eric Bloom says: “One of the key benefits of working with iPublish Media Solutions is their ability to be nimble and quickly react to changing market conditions and needs.”

To learn more about the AdPortal Real Estate Platform or schedule a demo, please email us at or visit our website: