Yes, newspapers can help reforest the country.

The latest initiative from iPublish Media Solutions helps newspapers “Reforest America” with every obituary sold.

Each time an obituary is placed, participating newspapers include a tree planted in a forest in need. A Memorial Certificate from The Arbor Day Foundation and the newspaper is created for the purchaser of the obituary. Families take comfort that their obituary also creates a living legacy.

Newspapers earn incremental income from a modest price increase, and iPublish in partnership with handles all the fulfillment.

Newspapers can count the trees they facilitated planting, and some startling statistics:

For every 10 trees planted 4,000 gallons of water is saved, 5,000 liters of oxygen is created and 25 tons of carbon dioxide is eliminated. In addition, the Memorial Trees improve forest and watershed health, providing critical habitat for wildlife.

“It’s a win all the way around,” said Brian Gorman, co-founder of iPublish, “ an opportunity for newspapers to provide a higher level of service and value to obituaries.

More than a million trees have been planted to date!