Since 2017, Bay Area News Group and iPublish Media Solutions have worked together to develop a real estate solution to offer self-serve programmatic campaigns to real estate brokers and agents in order to compete with AdWerx and other digital companies. Bay Area News Group came to iPublish for help to develop this custom platform that would address the Real Estate challenges they faced yet was simple, powerful, affordable and had attractive margins.

The first year saw the development of the brand, LeadHax, with hyper-targeted, self-serve programmatic advertising solutions. Early results showed new revenue that was beyond the newspaper’s mainstream products. As the relationship grew with their agents and brokers, BANG and iPublish Media evolved the LeadHax platform based on feedback and market needs.

Thirty months later LeadHax has been through key improvements and upgrades that are seeing an increase in agents renewing their packages, higher clickthrough rates than AdWerx, and an increase in additional ad product sales. Not only did this digital-first strategy achieve double-digit growth and drive impressive increases in digital & print revenue, it also forged a deeper relationships with BANG’s existing agents and brokers and helped to initiate relationships with new agents and brokers.

To learn how BANG and iPublish worked through challenges and developed the strategy for the successful LeadHax brand, view the full case study.