For the past several months we’ve been working with several customers to energize their strategy for real estate and achieve an advertising trifecta:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Streamline Operations
  • Drive New Account Acquisition

In our recent webinar, we shared how companies like Digital First Media and Christie’s Real Estate provide premium print, digital and social media advertising channels to brokers and agents using AdPortal Real Estate.

This integrated solution supports: open house/featured listings and/or full, half and quarter page multiple-listing broker pages for print; digital display for programmatic and/or owned & operated; and desktop and mobile news feed ads for Facebook. The performance data from both the programmatic and Facebook campaigns are exceeding our expectations.

Real Estate Webinar Tools

In case you missed the webinar or would like to review the information:


Here are some of the questions asked during the webinar. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out.

Q: Is credit card payment required or can an account be billed monthly?
A: Yes, we support both. If the agent/account is logged in, then they can be treated as a billed account

Q: Can you customize the fonts for print ads?
A: Yes. The layout and design of templates are controlled by you. We load all fonts onto our server.

Q: Do the reps get credit for the revenue?
A: It is entirely up to the market. If you engage the sales organization with the solution, you will be much more successful with getting larger opportunities, new account acquisitions.

Q: Do you have best practices for getting in front of individual agents to raise awareness of the product?
A: It is a good idea to develop scripts for office presentations and to get into see the brokers, print ads to promote as well as online digital ads. Emails are very important – email your real estate broker and agent lists in your database.

Q: Can you use this for a Who’s Who in Real Estate program?
A: Yes, you can provide a print and online agent self-promotion package. It works well with a self-serve model.

Brian Gorman, Vice President of Sales, iPublish Media Solutions
Eric Bloom, Director of Real Estate, Bay Area News Group
James Allen, Senior Solutions Engineer, iPublish Media Solutions