What the Changing Age of Business Ownership Means for Advertising Sales

As the ownership and leadership of businesses shifts to a new generation, what these new owners and leaders want from media companies is rapidly changing.

10,000 Americans turn 65 every day, allowing millennials to move up into ownership and management roles.

This could be great news for local media companies who are proactive in adding online sales of advertising and marketing as an option for their small business customers.

The first thing to understand is that the new leaders of SMBs are “cloud natives,” according to a study, The Full Stack, Tech First Future from the Local Search Association.

Cisco first coined the term, concluding that the Cloud native “persona …will in many ways define success or failure in the SMB space moving forward.”

This means the emerging generation of business managers and marketers will expect do business online—‘in the cloud’ so to speak.

These younger managers and marketers expect to use web-based tools and to be able to execute an entire marketing campaign from their laptop or mobile device—often with no human interaction.

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