“Sustainable business models, innovation and media transformation.”

We are so excited to join our friends and colleagues at the Local Media Association Media Transformation 2018 conference in Kansas City Sept 25-27. The theme of the conference is one we take seriously: “Focus on sustainable business models, innovation and media transformation.”

Sustainable business models: if iPublish had a mantra, it would be “self-service is a key component of a sustainable business model.” Just ask Amazon. Or your bank. Or your travel agent – do you still have one? Today’s modern business owners self-service constantly in all aspects of their business and personal lives. An easy-to-use self-service system is a “must have” for today’s media companies.

Growing Revenue and Self-Service

But is there a way to grow SMB/hyperlocal ad revenue that is profitable when the margins are so thin and ad production a challenge? Are there any US newspapers GROWING their obituary revenues? Are there any GROWING classified revenue? The answer to all these questions is YES, when you have self-service and call center applications from iPublish Media Solutions. The time for self-service has come, and the dollars up for grabs are huge. Borrell & Associates projects over $126 billion in 2018, with 97% of SMBs execute some form of DIY marketing up from 71% in 2016, and 64% of SMBs execute all marketing efforts themselves (up from 51% in 2017). “On its last earnings call in April, Facebook touted the accessibility of its ad platform. Many of its 6 million advertisers are SMBs.”*

iPublish Media is the leading Self-Serve Advertising Platform for the media industry. We help publishers extend their reach, grow revenue and lower costs by providing a unified self-serve advertising platform for print, digital and social media advertising.

We work with hundreds of newspapers, broadcasters, and real estate brokers every day to process thousands of advertising campaigns. Finally, a self-serve newspaper advertising platform that is easy to use and provides the performance and versatility to create and sell ANY print, digital or social advertising campaign, for any product or platform. We are your 24/7/365 sales force, ad production & scheduling solution—highly experienced with integration into all the key front-end systems.

If you’re coming to Kansas City, be sure to connect with our VP of Sales Kim Johnson, former SVP digital revenue across all tronc newspapers, and James Allen, our Sr. Sales Engineer, and former Business Analyst from The Virginian-Pilot. They will listen to your needs and demonstrate proven solutions.

If we can help you now, just submit the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Source: *adexchanger.com 6/18/18