Reach Your 2020 Goals

For many, Fall brings more than autumn leaves. It brings budgeting and forecasting. What are your goals for 2020? Is it something like increase revenue, decrease cost of sale, give your sales force more time to sell, or provide better prospecting tools? And do you need to do all that without spending a fortune? If so, it’s time for you to book a demo with iPublish Media Solutions. Here are three solutions to jump start your revenue generating ideas.

Guaranteed revenue.

Tributes, the special printed obituary section with over 50 mastheads in metros large and small are winning the call to increase revenue.

  • Zero out of pocket.
  • No fixed monthly costs.
  • No data integrations.
  • Straight revenue share.

Automate labor-intensive verticals.

iPublish has 8 tools that save you MASSIVE amounts of time at affordable rates. When you automate one or more of your verticals (Classified, Real Estate, Legals, Obituary, and others) you can decrease the cost-of-sale and lower operating costs. For example, you can paginate a full page of real estate listings in less than 2 minutes or load the rules, formats and fonts for legals into a platform anyone can use effectively.

More time to sell.

AdPortal SMB puts the power in the hands of your local sales team to spend more time selling and less time on paperwork, plus it is a handy prospecting tool. AI builds print, digital and social media ads on the fly, schedules them into available inventory, and collects payment or sends it to your billing system. It also provides unlimited print or digital spec ads, printed proofs, and automated reporting on digital/social campaigns. Your investment? $500/month for unlimited users!

iPublish Media Solutions also creates custom tools to support your business model by automating your advertising pain points. When you are working through your budget for next year, reach out to us and let us know your goals for increasing revenue and reducing costs. We are happy to listen and help with solutions to make 2020 a great year. How can we help?