Families may not understand the value of Facebook Obituaries (AdPortal Targeted Obituaries) included with the online and print obituary package – until after it runs. Traditional Facebook posts only reach an average 10% to 40% of friends*. The addition of Targeted Obituaries extends a focused reach to people the family may not know but their loved one may have and reaches digital-only, digital-first audiences.

Facebook AdPortal Targeted Obituary

Customize Targeting Provides Results

Allowing families to customize targeting by city, employers, schools, and interests/civic associations surfaces friends and colleagues who may not have read the obituary anywhere else. And these communities react and engage! It is common to find:

  • Hundreds of click-throughs, from 200 to nearly 1000
  • Clickthrough rates between 15 and 36%
  • Engagements of 200 to 400
  • Multiple comments
  • Outreach to families from these long lost contacts

The Results

Some results from Facebook Targeted Obituaries run by our newspaper partners across the country.
Facebook AdPortal Targeted Obituary Results

In Conclusion

Whatever you may think of Facebook, clearly this is a valuable service to families. These are real people engaging at a deeply important time. We have also heard the top reason that families send thank you messages to the funeral home is for posting the Facebook targeted obituary, a service they may not have even understood at the time it was originally placed.

Targeted Obituary Facebook Testimonial

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