A recent Local Marketing Trends Podcast with Corey Elliot and Gordon Borrell discusses the results of recent Borrell Associates “Content Marketing & Branded Content” survey conducted on behalf of the Local Media Consortium. The survey results give hope to local media that Fall, and holidays advertising will be better than Spring & Summer in 2020.

Gordon & Corey discuss “what is content marketing” highlighting that by definition, all marketing is content market. Corey whittles it down with three identifiers that “(content marketing) is hard to define, but you know it when you see it.” He goes on to say that when looking at content, the reader/viewer needs to KNOW if the consumed media is owned or bought, and what is the prominence of the brand who produced the content. People also describe branded content as “native ads” or “advertorial.”

Branded content is a $63 Billion total marketplace (includes global products like Red Bull). Today newspapers make up less than 10% of that revenue and two-thirds of those dollars are digital.

The pandemic made it more important for SMBs/local business to tell a story such as “I am open.” It is easier to sell than content marketing if you can write the content (i.e. newspapers). Categories that are increasing include health care providers and decreasing are travel & restaurants (although those dollars may return in 2021) One highlight: adding VIDEO results in BIG JUMPS in results metrics.

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