What happens when newspaper leaders join with technology leaders to ensure technology solutions meet their business requirements?

Partnerships Make the Platform: Software + Strategy = Success

Since iPublish Media’s inception, we have listened to our partners and have consistently improved AdPortal to meet our customers’ needs. We accomplished this by creating an agile culture and flat organization which exists today. All of our employees have direct contact with our customers so communication between iPublish and our customers isn’t lost in translation. Today, more than ever, the agility of our software continues to help our partners reach revenue goals, increase efficiency, and reduce expenses. We are thankful again this year to have been able to help our clients through a very unique year and are grateful for your continued trust in our partnership.


“We like others in our industry were looking for efficiencies everywhere we could after Covid because we didn’t not know what revenues would look like. We started looking at ways to bring the efficiencies we saw in certain categories over to other categories.”
Ed Woods, VP and CRO, MediaNews Group

“One of the things we can do today is to add value. The group [of newspapers] that implemented Tributes saw an increase of 3 to 21%. We are looking forward to [using iPublish Targeted Obituaries] to reclaiming our space on social.”
Michael Fibison, VP Inside Sales, Advance Local

“You may always be the only game in town you may not always be the best in town, but if you can provide the best customer service in town you are going to win nine times out of ten. iPublish quickly stepped in…When the [obituary] got easier to use, the experience got better and so did the revenue with it.”
Sally Steed, SVP Advertising, Utah Media Group

Edward Woods, Vice-President and Chief Revenue Officer, MediaNews Group
Sally Steed, Senior Vice-President of Advertising, Utah Media Group
Michael Fibison, Vice-President of Inside Sales, AdvanceLocal
Brian Gorman, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, iPublish Media Solution