What happens when newspaper leaders join with technology leaders to ensure technology solutions meet their business requirements?

Partnerships Make the Platform: Software + Strategy = Success
Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT
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Join us for this free webinar featuring:

  • Edward Woods, Vice-President and Chief Revenue Officer, MediaNews Group
  • Sally Steed, Senior Vice-President of Advertising, Utah Media Group
  • Michael Fibison, Vice-President of Inside Sales, AdvanceLocal

The roundtable discussion will be moderated by Brian Gorman, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, iPublish Media Solution.

When iPublish Media Solutions was founded in 2006 as Wave 2, the iPublish team was deeply involved in helping newspapers take advantage of the digital age. We saw the World Wide Web as a real game changer, with more ways to customize technology and empower multiple business channels. iPublish brought the agility, ingenuity and ability to leverage technology, and created a self-service platform designed to allow advertisers to build and buy ads over the Internet.

iPublish had a deep and thorough understanding of how to develop publishing software and make it both scalable and reliable. What we didn’t have was the business knowledge to implement the applications that provide newspapers with measurable return on investment in the real world. That’s where the newspapers explained their needs. They provided iPublish with practical business requirements needed to refine the platform, and continually improve the software. The majority of improvements are the direct results of requests from newspaper customers. What will tomorrow bring?

Join the conversation and hear from key executives how the right technology coupled with the right strategy has a significant impact on revenue and growth opportunities, as well as operational savings and stability.