Local media companies often overlook the full value of their ‘halo effect’, or additional value and performance of advertising that runs next to credible content. In effect, the ´trust´ in the content, rubs off on the advertising. It is time to start telling this story, and time to leverage this long-earned trust with local businesses in your community.

This is especially true in the evolving market of DIY advertising.

Facebook´s ´trust problem´ gives print companies who bundle social with traditional media a key advantage over social-only DIY advertising.

Long before Mark Zuckerberg´s admissions of misuse of data by fake news outlets, marketers were already demonstrating a preference for trusted news content.

‘The Company You Keep’, a 2017 study published by Galaxy Research, shows that the ‘trust’ advertisers feel in a media company rubs off on their own messaging.

Key findings in the study show that content trust is responsible for 84% of ad trust.

50% of advertisers in the Galaxy study agreed that trust was the #1 criteria when selecting media placement.

An earlier study by Comscore´s in 2016 proved that these advertisers are right:

The Comscore survey of Digital Content Next (DCD) member publishers shows that premium publishers—those with high quality, credible content—have a 67% higher brand lift.

They were also three times more effective in driving favorability, consideration and intent to recommend, and had lower levels of invalid traffic.

Are you making the most of this opportunity?

The biggest winners are community, national and regional newspapers who “stand out in enjoying both the greatest trust in content and the greatest trust in ads,“ according to NewsMediaWorks.

Metro newspapers perform next best, and even digital news media companies significantly outperformed search, social and websites generally, the study said.

Far from being “old hat”, the hundred-year-old brands owned by local media companies have a depth of trust that creates an insurmountable advantage. Package it in and win back market share!

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