Most media companies consider the primary benefits of self-service platforms as a means to reduce costs of selling, delivering ads, and marketing services to small businesses.

But a new article in Editor & Publisher points out that a great user-interface for transactions actually adds value for the advertiser as well.

E&P included “Amazonified” ad transactions on a key benefit that successful publishers must offer to advertisers, in an article, 10 Ways News Media Companies can move into a Profitable Future, published in June.

The article points out that media companies can learn from Amazon providing access to a large selection of products and services and the ease of “check-out” are a competitive advantage.

“Now let’s think about how many clicks a reader needs to… book an ad campaign on the digital channels?”  the article asked.

How often have you, as a consumer, put something in your Amazon basket, only to check out with the item days later? We are a culture of browsing, researching, considering and even planning to purchase before we ever click “buy.”  And many of us prefer to skip human interaction—at the bank for example.  Who would have ever thought we’d deposit checks on our phones?  Now it is standard practice.  People want to do what they want, when they want, and after time to research and consider with no pressure.
A modern self-service ad platform that still offers the ad bundle recommendations of your local media brand speaks to the next generation of business owners who live in the Amazon world.

The report compiled from E&P´s consulting arm—Institute for Media Strategies—gives a high-level view from the field on what strategies and revenue models media companies should undertake to insure a profitable future.

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