iPublish Media 11 Yr Milestone

iPublish Media Solutions LLC celebrated its 11th year in business on October 16th.  iPublish Media is proud of the relationships they’ve built with leading newspapers and media companies to develop an industry leading self-service platform.  iPublish Media software not only provides automated professional print solutions but also unsurpassed power and performance capabilities for digital advertising media, including programmatic and Facebook. “Our team has worked very hard to make our platform flexible and easy to use across all verticals thus making it one of the top self-service solutions,” stated Brian Gorman, Vice-President of Sales and co-founder.

Self-Serve Advertising: New Revenue and Lower Cost

The newspaper advertising landscape has changed drastically. A future of lower print revenue and tighter operational costs has driven the need for new revenue from new sources. Our customers have found that self-service advertising has helped to bring in new revenue and lower operational costs. “We made a deliberate decision and chose a direct path 11 years ago to develop a single platform that media companies can use to publish any type of ad,” added Gorman, “We weren’t satisfied to just support e-commerce but focused on building a dynamic publishing capability that automates labor intensive ad operations making our solution unique in the industry.”

As the leader in self-service advertising we can report the results are in:

  • Nearly 1 million ads have been processed through iPublish websites
  • Nearly $200Million dollars of revenue will be processed in 2017 alone – over $1 billion since inception
  • 650,000 user accounts have been registered on over 500 websites
  • Many of these users were new accounts confirming that self-serve helps drive new ad revenue
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