It’s very clear that the use of Video for Publishers is a major opportunity. For those of you who have attended recent media conferences you consistently see Video at or near the top of Publisher opportunity lists. You may also follow the daily stream of research/data showing the importance of Video from both the content and revenue sides of the business. Corey Elliott spoke at a recent Borrell Conference where he noted that video advertising ranked highest in planning to increase usage of different type of digital media.

Video Outlook for Digital Media

It’s no surprise then that 80% of total Internet traffic is Video or when Video and text are on the same page 72% of consumers prefer Video with far greater retention rates. That the use of Video across all channels is skyrocketing along with Video being preferred on Mobile devices. I could go on for pages just citing the supporting research/data which I will gladly provide and discuss.

Why Embrace Video?

So why have Publishers been so slow to embrace the Video opportunity? From a sales perspective, we know that the vast majority of SMBs are not using Video and those that are find that it’s very effective. Today adding affordable, quick turnaround Video to sales bundles creates a far greater revenue opportunity and customers appreciate the fact that you are bringing new solutions to their marketing mix. From a content perspective it provides a more compelling experience for the reader…more involvement…a reason to come back daily…as well as creating additional premium sales packages for the sales team (Not to mention that the other “top of the list” opportunity is email and when you mention and combine Video in an email the open and response rate increases dramatically).

So why not greater acceptance of Video in ad bundles and content? My guess is that Publishers in the past have tried and found it too cumbersome and expensive to produce resulting in poor ROI. Another reason may be that Publishers have just not found a low cost, fast turnaround, high margin solution that actually works.

Video Made Easy

Times have changed and tools now exist that provide professional, low cost, quick turnaround Video. Video that can easily be integrated into a Publishers daily workflow creating a very significant non-traditional revenue stream. A large part of the success of integrating Video successfully is speaking with someone who has the experience and develops both a strategy and executable plan. has partnered with iPublish Media Solutions making it easy for their customers to add short form, custom videos to their ad bundles with virtually no hassle, great margins and a proven formula for Video success. Whether it’s real estate, local retail or virtually any Vertical – you will grow your revenue and your share of business with both local and national advertisers.

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