SMB’s use both Traditional and Digital Media

The latest Borrell Associates Small Business Report shows that 74% of SMB’s use both traditional and digital media.

74% of SMB’s used digital and traditional advertising together.

In fact, 22% of SMB´s use only traditional media and 3% use only digital alone. So the largest market is businesses already buying across multiple media channels.

So why do local media sell nowhere near this percentage in bundled advertising?

The answer we hear most is that this business is just too small. For small orders, servicing Facebook buys and small print ads is time-consuming for both sales and production to be profitable. Yet that is the bulk of the potential business.

DIY platforms change the game. iPublish´s self-serve platforms automate both the sales front and back end production process across channels. This allows local media companies to sell what SMB´s want, and time-strapped small businesses to buy marketing more easily at affordable rates.

64% of SMB’s are handling their own marketing.

Keep in mind that most (64%) SMB´s owners are handling marketing themselves. And they are often doing it badly, frustrated with the time expenditure, and unable to pay for expensive marketing support.

iPublish portals self-serve platforms bundle the choices so SMB´s can purchase marketing combinations in a few clicks. Local media that use their own assets such as web traffic, and email to market media mix bundles, are gaining market share back for the first time in decades.

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