Small businesses want to buy a full-stack marketing solution from a single source, according to a report from the Local Search Association.

Media companies are poised to reap the rewards of this trend, so long as they solve the puzzle of how to make the margins work. Publishers and media companies need both higher margins on 3rd party digital ads they bundle with their own inventory, and a way to service hyperlocal/micro-SMB customers who used to go to the yellow pages to maximize the opportunities with the new generation of business owners.

Advances in automation allow one-click purchasing without sales support or back-end fulfillment. That means a win-win for advertisers, who get a full-stack solution, and for local media, who achieve higher margins.

Of the full stack providers, iPublish Media is the only platform that supports online sales which includes traditional media baked into marketing packages with customizable bundles to include digital display, Facebook, targeted email, video, Waze ads and more.

For millennial business marketers who are cloud natives, it is about time. The desire for a full stack solution in this group is not just a preference but a demand, and this generation is rapidly taking over business management at millions of small companies.

“They won’t consider any platform that isn’t centered around its mobile app…They appreciate solutions that are integrated,” the LSA report contend.

Expectations set by tech-first brands like Amazon are rapidly moving into local advertising mainstream and media companies who fail to keep up will lose out on a market that has both high margins and exponential growth.