Your sales force is missing 64% percent of the SMB´s who buy marketing services, and they are doing nothing wrong.

That is because 64% of SMBs expect to execute all marketing themselves, according to USA Inside, 2018. That number is also on the rise, up from 51% in 2017.

As complex as online marketing platforms can be, local business owners and managers are growing more confident in DIY purchasing. In fact, 97% already buy some form of self-serve online marketing.

SMBs look for Self-Service Options

SMB owners must manage their businesses AND market them simultaneously. They are strapped for time and look to self-service options for many things their business needs – from banking to office supplies. It is natural that those business owners who are comfortable with Amazon, are also comfortable buying advertising from trusted sources at the times when their businesses are closed (or at least not busy). Whether it is late at night, early in the morning or another quiet time, they like to explore options and pricing from companies they trust.

iPublish Media Solutions, the leading provider of self-serve advertising platforms for local media, sees this as a major revenue opportunity.

iPublish’s DIY advertising platform allows local media companies to capture the 64% of the local retail market that prefers DIY purchasing, with simple automated sales and a few media mix options, including traditional, digital and social, that can be designed and purchased in minutes. Local media companies can leverage the trust they have with their communities, their brand recognition, and their building marketing solutions expertise that work for small businesses—putting the power into the hands of local business owners 24/7/36. iPublish Media Solutions also shares best practices with local media companies to help them attract and educate those local DIY customers in their communities.

SMBs can build their ads on the fly using templated options, select which channels to run, book their orders without calling a sales rep, while still having live local customer support if they need it. Contact us today to see how we can help reach SMBs in your market.